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Fly over Mount Everest (0 Days)
Fly over Mount Everest

Flight over Mount Everest in Nepal admire the far corners of the Himalayas poses no problem: Mountain flights provide the right answer! In a short time, you will know all the mountains of the Himalayas that will appear when it will seem so close you could touch it.

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Every morning at 7am and 8am in the special aircraft altitude (20 places, one window per person), a fabulous flight departing from Kathmandu that takes you "top of the world" the Everest

A fantastic memory, see the sky the highest peak in the world!


(No problem to photograph and film)


One hour flight. To retain in advance!


Description of some mountains to admire in these flights:


1. Langtang (7234m):

The first mountain that we discover during this flight, is Mount Langtang. The valley of Langtang, invisible plane, the region is considered the most beautiful of the Himalaya.


2. Gosainthan (8012m) known as Shisapangma:

This mountain forms the border with Tibet. The Tibetan name of this mountain is "Shisapangma". It is mentioned in many Hindu mythological stories, especially about Shiva.


3. Dorje Lakpa (6975m):

This mountain also has a Tibetan name. It is a land sacred to Buddhists. The climbing permit was only issued in 1964, and it was not climbed until 1981.


4. Gauri Sanker (7134m):

This mountain has two peaks and also matched two names because the Hindus believe that this mountain looks like the pair of Gods Shiva and Gouri. This holy mountain was restricted access until 1977 for climbers. Only in 1979 a group Nepal-United States could reach the top.


5. Lhotse (8516m):

As this mountain lies the sudd Everest, the Sherpas called it "Lhotse" which means "South Peak". The first ascent of this mountain took place in 1956 with a Swiss expedition.


6. Mount Everest (8848m):

This famous mountain was discovered in 1852 and therefore the highest mountain in the world. It is named after a surveyor Angali, Sir George Everest. "Sagarmatha" is Nepalese name, meaning "Mered the Universe." For Tibetans, this is "Chomolongma".


Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgey were the first winners of the Summit, May 25, 1953 .... wonderful gift to celebrate the coronation of the very young Queen Elizabeth II.


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